Shri Mataji in a lotus

Jai Shri Mataji!

Dearest brothers and sisters,
We the Sahasrara hosting countries invite you to join us from

6-8 May in Cabella

the abode of Shri Adishakti where there resides love, innocence and oneness.

Today we find ourselves in a situation where human ignorance and domination is at its peak. We the sahaja yogis are blessed by sakshat Shri AdiShakti who in her motherly form established our realization which has powered our collective attention, collective desire and collective actions to establish peace and benevolence.

O Divine Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, please allow the yogis gathered to worship and praise you as the Sahasrara Swamini. With our humble offerings and gratitude we seek your divine blessing to cleanse and fill our collective Sahasrara with your vibrations such that we can give it to those in need and spread wherever we go. In these challenging times may your vibrations help, protect and guide your children the seekers.

The 3 day event will include daily online meditation, havan and artistic programs and will culminate in the International Sahasrara Puja.

All details of the schedule, timings, live broadcast links will be available on this website beginning of next week.

"So in principle, Sahasrara is Vishnu Tattwa, but the deity is Mataji Nirmala Devi."
Shri Mataji – Sahasrara Puja, 05/1986

Registration for Puja in Cabella

Registration is mandatory for attending the puja in Cabella. Here you find info that is needed for your attendance in Cabella and also the link to register:

Please refer to the website of Casa Madre for the full overview of the measures in place. These can be found on the pre-registration page.

Click on the following link to go to the pre-registration page: Pre-registration

Those who do not pre-register will not be guaranteed meals at the Mulino. The pre-registration will close on the 3rd of May.

Cabella is Calling

The Italian Sahaj family of Casa Madre has been busy to prepare the Nirmal Temple (Hangar) since Easter to welcome us all.

See some of the recent videos and photos from Cabella:









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Thursday - 5th May

Friday - 6th May

Saturday - 7th May

Sunday - 8th May

Monday - 9th May

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Puja Gifts

Dear brothers and sisters,

The hosting countries have prepared a card and would like to share it as a token of love. The card can be downloaded and shared with the larger collective.